ACCOSON Screening Audiometers

Designed as lightweight and small but robust screening instruments, ideal for Occupational Health Nurses or Technicians to use for work, these audiometers provide the testing capability required for workplace industrial screening.

Available as a small, portable option or as a PC-based device with further features.

SA-90 Portable audiometer

Small, lightweight, portable & durable
Software is easy to use and automatically checks installation when switched on. The audiogram is displayed as the test proceeds and on completion can be accepted, printed out and saved to an archive. If any thresholds are suspect, these points can be rechecked. The unique predictive analysis system intelligently examines hearing test results and will demonstrate to employees how their hearing will deteriorate if they do not wear protection or limit exposure.

  • Simple & easy to use

  • Small, lightweight & portable
  • Automatic HSE categorisation of results
  • USB linked and powered
  • Has a range from – 10dB to +90dB

  • Hearing loss prediction capabilities

  • Options for Manual and Automatic testing

SA-110 PC-based audiometer

Performs air conduction screening combined with advanced software
Housed in a small, lightweight casing the SA-110 includes the ability to quickly swap headsets (with calibration) and to easily move the unit between PC’s. It comes complete with a noise reduction headset, all cables, testing and batch utility analysis software, and a manufacturer’s calibration certificate.

  • Automatic test routines in line with British Society of Audiology

  • Single or multiple pulse options

  • Audiograms can be stored locally on your PC or in a network location
  • Recall of stored results to screen for comparison with current test

  • A4 format printout of results in full colour
  • Adaption of test protocol to suit patient and operator
  • Export of results data in a form suitable for uptake by all modern database software

  • Intensity range (-10dB to +110dB) for accurate assessment of all ages

  • Frequency range (125Hz–8kHz) with 4 pre-selected frequency lists