Our premium quality sphygmomanometers

Recommended for Hospital use

The six00 range of sphygmomanometers represent our premium quality aneroid sphygmomanometers. The sensitivity and specificity of these models, help to classify an individual as hypertensive or normotensive.

Each sphygmomanometer from this range is fitted with an ambidex velcro, latex free cuff as standard. Each device also includes a lightweight ABS cuff container which is very easy to clean.

Product highlights

  • Made in the UK
  • Accuracy of +/- 3mmHg

  • Supplied with a 3 year calibration warranty

  • Guaranteed accuracy to ISO 81061-1

  • New flexible shock mount resists any damage to the gauge
  • Fine red pointer ensures consistently precise indication
  • Clear white face with sharp black scale
  • Range 0–300mmHg, with scale graduations from zero
  • Lightweight ABS cuff container which is easily cleaned
  • Desk model includes a useful carry handle

Available in a configuration to suit your requirements

We offer three types of Six00 Series aneroid sphygmomanometer – Stand, Wall and Desk:

Adjustable Roll Stand Six00 Aneroid
Six00 aneroid mounted on an adjustable height mobile stand. The gauge is inclined allowing it to be easily viewed.

Wall Mounted Six00 Aneroid
Six00 aneroid with wall mount, can be used with the fixed or swivelling bracket for simple viewing of the gauge. Cuff storage is also included behind the gauge.

Desk Stand Six00 Aneroid
Six00 aneroid mounted on a smaller stand designed for use on a desk/table. Includes an integrated carry handle with cuff storage. Stand features rubber feet for added stability.

with Ambidex cuff
Mounting options
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