Spare parts & device accessories

We have a select of cuff models and sizes available to accompany your sphygmomanometer. These include our premier ambidex cuffs (see below) and new disposable, single-use cuffs. If you need help with sizing, please contact us.

Our aim is to ensure your equipment has a long working life, to assist with this we offer a wide array of components, spares and accessories. These range from tubing to replacement carry cases. If you require help identifying a specific part, we’re here to help.

Product highlights

  • Sizes to fit most patients
  • Unique ambidex comfort edge

  • Cuff can be used on either left or right arm
  • Completely latex free
  • Panel for single patient/cuff identification notes if required
  • Cuff range & artery position indicator can be read with cuff on either arm

Innovative ambidex cuffs

One-piece cuffs developed to be easy to use, clean, multi-purpose and cost-effective. Our ambidex cuffs feature a unique soft edge which replaces the weld found on other cuffs, ensuring equal comfort for the patient, whether used on right or left arm.

The bladder-less blood pressure cuffs can be used as a regular cuff, or for single patient use, and carries a white panel on which a patient’s name or the cuff location details can be recorded.

No use of latex
Use on either arm
Many sizes

Spare parts & Accessories


Replacement sphygmomanometer tubing, straight or coiled in a range of lengths, suitable for each of our devices.


Standard black replacement bulbs for ACCOSON sphygmomanometers. Available with standard valves/connector or with our innovative click 300 device.


Plastic gauge covers and housing components to replace sphygmomanometer gauge housing if damaged/marked.

 Protective cases

Replacement ACCOSON branded carry cases for transporting sphygmomanometers safely & securely.

 Valves & connectors

A wide array of connector pieces and control valves to assemble ACCOSON cuffs & sphygmomanometers.


A selection of replacement fine gauge pointers for indicating cuff rate on sphygmomanometer face.