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Single-piece cuff – Varying Tube Options – Multiple Sizes

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Product Description

One-piece cuffs developed to be easy to use, clean, multi-purpose and cost-effective. Our ambidex cuffs feature a unique soft edge which replaces the weld found on other cuffs, ensuring equal comfort for the patient, whether used on right or left arm.

The bladder-less blood pressure cuffs can be used as a regular cuff, or for single patient use, and carries a white panel on which a patient’s name or the cuff location details can be recorded.

Product Features

  • Cuff can be used on either left or right arm
  • Inlet tube positioned in the centre of the cuff face frees space for the stethoscope and keeps tubing on the outside of the arm
  • Cuff Range and artery position indicator can be read when cuff is on either arm
  • Full range of sizes based on British Hypertension Society?s recommendations
  • Completely latex free
  • Panel for single patient or cuff identification if required
  • Tab for aneroid gauge, which can also be used as a tube tidy
  • Easily cleaned and antimicrobial treated

Note: Inappropriate cuff size can result in incorrect readings. Using a small cuff may result in erroneously high blood pressure readings, while a larger cuff may give out erroneously low blood pressure readings. The inflatable part of the cuff should cover at least 80% of the circumference of the patient?s upper arm.

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