Duplex Hand Model Aneroid


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Portable Aneroid – Duplex model – Solid & Durable

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Product Description

The Duplex Portable model is a version of our portable aneroid series. A range of aneroid sphygmomanometers offering smaller, more lightweight devices which are the perfect portable option for clinicians looking to aid patients across a variety of environments and settings. They can help you meet the requirements of each of your patients, in almost any environment and situation. You could say these are the perfect option when ‘on-the-go’. These portable aneroid (mechanical) devices don’t use mercury but provide accurate results when calibrated correctly.

The Duplex model is made to be held and inflated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold the stethoscope in place when taking a BP reading. Moreover, it is a more traditional design and is made completely from metal parts. Therefore, it is solid and very durable. Ideal for the rigours of use ‘on the move’ across varying environments. Community Nurses/Midwives or Doctors on call are the ideal users of this version, as well as the usual GP consultation rooms.

Product Features

  • Made in UK and guaranteed accurate to ISO 81061-1
  • Accuracy of +/- 3mmHg
  • Range 0–300mmHg, with the scale graduations starting at zero
  • Clear white face with fine pointer which allows for precise indication
  • One handed use, suitable for both left and right hands
  • Aneroid (mechanical), devices don’t use mercury but provide accurate results when calibrated.
  • Smaller, lighter and easily portable
  • Fitted with your choice of Velcro or Ambidex cuff
  • Capable of withstanding 100% overpressure
  • Supplied complete with a protective, soft zipper case for transit

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