We are proud to introduce ACCOSON™ Stethoscopes. Designed to complement our blood pressure measurement products, ACCOSON™ Stethoscopes provide high acoustic sensitivity for exceptional performance, whilst delivering extreme comfort for you and your patients.

ACCOSON™ Stethoscopes include the Cardiology Stethoscope, the Physicians Stethoscope and the Nursing Stethoscope. Each stethoscope model has unique design features to provide medical professionals across all healthcare settings the very best the market has to offer.

Incorporating a tunable, dual-sided, stainless steel chestpiece and extra deep bell with non-chill ring, the Cardiology Stethoscope offers medical professionals one of the highest quality stethoscopes available on the market, whilst promoting the highest level of patient comfort. The super sensitive diaphragm provides exceptional acoustic performance for low frequency sounds, ensuring accuracy every time.

Perfect for hospital doctors and GP’s, the superior acoustic response and rugged durability of the Physicians Stethoscope produces amplified and clear acoustics for accurate diagnostics. The chestpiece is precisely machined to exacting tolerance from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance.

The Nursing Stethoscope is an effective and elegant solution for day-to-day nursing needs. Perfect for both qualified and student nurses, the lightweight aluminium adult chestpiece is comfortable for you and your patient. The double leaf internal spring binaurals are fixed at a 15° angle to ensure a snug and comfortable ear fit.

ACCOSON™ Stethoscopes are available to pre-order from our website now >>